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My name is Barbara Lee Sherf.  I worked as a print and broadcast journalist for over a decade and continue to write for a variety of publications.  In recent years I have been capturing life stories in print, audio, photo slideshows and DVD.

Latest article in the Chestnut Hill Local

Listen to Barb's half hour interview on Rabbi Richard Address' Boomer Generation Radio Show and find additional resources at his web site. 

It all started after capturing my father’s life story in print and co-authoring a book titled “Cowboy Mission: The Best Sermons are Lived...Not Preached.”

When I told people about the book, they would say, “I wish I had done that with my ____________.”  So I decided to help folks capture their family history and legacy. 

I have captured stories in the form of a framed over-sized article, a booklet, a book and on DVD.  I feel this is a gift I have and sharing my gift with others has been fulfilling, and is perhaps my legacy to leave.

In November, 2013 I was able to tell his story in DVD format for his 85th Birthday.  This is 13 minutes long.  Watch now!  Still I wish I had done it five years ago.  Read my blog.

Below: A Family Conversation with John "Jack" Whittaker and his family sitting around the kitchen table.  It was a Father's Day gift to him.

Barb Sherf interviewing (the late) Lula Pidcock Mohr on the porch of the one-room schoolhouse in Bucks County.  (Click on the image to watch the 22-minute film)

I wrote that morphed into
the book and this business. 

Listen to a 30-minute interview on Blog Talk Radio

Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Kevin Riordan is quite the storyteller. 

Right is the story about how I almost didn't go through with the video due to my father's dementia.  Warning: tearjerker.  Get the Kleenex out.

Below  is an updated story in the 12/27/13 issue of the Springfield Sun.

Gift Certificates Available -Truly Give the Gift that Keeps Giving

Guaranteed or your money back!  Capturing Life Stories (pet stories, house histories, you name it) is a gift that will continue to give to the entire family throughout the year and for generations to come.  Print, DVD and Web-based stories are available.  Please e-mail for sample rates.  We are willing to work within any reasonable budget!

Right: Click here to see and listen to the last chapter of the book I wrote with my father that Inquirer columnist Kevin Riordan videotaped and wrote about.  Capturing my father's story in the form of a book for his 80th Birthday started me down the trail toward this business.

RATES:  Every project is different and we will work within any budget.  E-mail CaptureLifeStories@gmail.com to get a sample rate sheet.  Discounts for print and video combination packages.

We offer:

  • Legacy planning
  • Small group workshops
  • One-on-one interviews
  • A product to fit every budget
  • Over-sized articles, musical slideshows, booklets, books and DVDs

References available.

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